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When normal sounds become uncomfortable

Hyperacusis, or decreased sound tolerance, reflects an abnormally strong response to sound within the auditory pathways. As a result, sufferers experience strong discomfort, and even physical pain, in the presence of sound. Hyperacusis can happen on its own, or it can coexist with hearing loss, tinnitus or a number of other medical conditions. Decreased sound tolerance can have a profound effect on everyday life, causing people to avoid sound-filled environments, or even causing them to stay at home and miss out on fulfilling work and social activities.

The most frequent advice given to people with hyperacusis is to avoid noise, a practice that can actually contribute to the problem. At AC Associates we have found that components of a process called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) are highly effective in treating hyperacusis. TRT uses a combination of directive counseling and sound therapy to change reactions and perceptions to external sounds. The Audiologists at AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates have been fully trained to administer TRT and get patients back to living their lives.

Specific recommendations for sound therapy depend on a number of factors, including the severity of tinnitus, the degree of hearing loss, and the presence or absence of decreased sound tolerance. Sound therapy is an important part of TRT and is used to reduce the contrast between the tinnitus signal and background neuronal activity. Varying sources of sound, including typical environmental sounds, ear-level sound generators, hearing aids and hybrid hearing aid/sound generator instruments can all play an important role in the therapy. AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates will provide the appropriate instruments, when needed, and the training to use them effectively.

Are you suffering from Hyperacusis?

AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates, LLC has developed three simple questions to determine if you are a candidate for treatment...

• Do sounds bother you that do not bother other people around you?
• Has the ringing in your ears changed in the past 6 months?
• Do bothersome sounds impact your life in a negative way?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, please complete the form below and we'll show you more about our hyperacusis treatment... and how you can get your life back in balance!



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