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If you're one of the over 40 million Americans who suffer from some form of hearing loss, tinnitus or balance symptoms, it’s time you learned about AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates, LLC. Our staff of licensed doctors of Audiology and team of Nationally recognized professionals offer affordable, leading-edge hearing aids, hearing screenings and evaluations and rehabilitation for all ages. The founders of AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates, LLC were the first to be trained and establish tinnitus treatment in both TRT and Neuromonics in the Mid-Atlantic States region. Our staff continues to update our capabilities with the advances in tinnitus, balance and hearing aid research. 

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• 1776 South Queen Street, York, PA 17403
(888) 252-1776 or locally at (717) 845-6321

200 Bailey Drive, Suite 201, Stewartstown, PA 17363
We are located in the Cornerstone Plaza next to the Bailey Springs Town Center
(888) 252-1776 or locally at (717) 993-3686

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Email: info@acassociatesllc.org


• Audiologic testing and hearing evaluations for all ages
• Evaluations and rehabilitation for tinnitus (chronic ringing in the ears)
• Evaluations and rehabilitation for balance disorders
• Digital hearing aids at surprisingly affordable prices
• Evaluation for implantable middle-ear hearing devices
• Assistive listening and alerting devices

We also provide services to area hospitals, residential and skilled care facilities, local otolaryngologists, pediatricians and primary care physicians.

AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates, LLC, and all of our employees have a core philosophy of providing quality service that is affordable and up to date in technological advances in all areas of diagnostic and rehabilitative Audiology for the benefit of the patients we serve.

It is the position of the American Academy of Audiology and the staff of AC Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Associates, LLC, that every person seeking treatment of hearing disorders through the use of amplification devices receive a comprehensive audiological evaluation prior to the purchase.  This evaluation must include any and all necessary procedures to determine the patient’s (a) history of hearing loss, (b) auditory sensitivity (thresholds), (c) speech recognition capabilities, (d) type of hearing loss, (e) need for referral to a physician, (f) need for referral to other professionals or agencies, and (g) candidacy for amplification devices.

The comprehensive audiological evaluation must be performed and interpreted by an Audiologist who is licensed in the state in which the evaluation is completed.

The diagnostic evaluation is not conducted for the purpose of selecting or fitting hearing aids, but rather to assess the functional status of the auditory system and to ensure that amplification or other assistive listening devices are an appropriate treatment strategy.

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